Addagrip Resin Surfacing Specifications

Addagrip Resin Surfacing Specifications

A range of different surface types are available within the Addagrip resin paving specification, each of which have different qualities suited to a range of outdoor areas.

SuDS Stone Paving

SuDS Stone Paving

The resin bound surfacing designs are compatible with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for more efficient water drainage in urban areas like housing developments.

Gravel Surfacing Designs

Gravel Surfacing Designs

A number of designs options are available for stone paving as you can choose from different colours of natural aggregate to suit your preference.

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Addagrip Resin Surfacing Specifications

There is a range of Addagrip resin surfacing specifications that can be used as paving for outdoor spaces in both domestic and commercial locations. The design for this surface type is made up of naturally sourced stones which vary in size depending upon the chosen specification. These stones are combined with resin to create a mixture which can then be laid out onto a hard sub base such as macadam or concrete. An alternative surface type is Sudscape. To find out more about Sudscape, check out this page Addagrip is not as thick as Sudscape, but our team can look into your specific needs and help you decide which surfacing would be best. Once the mixture has cured it leaves a durable, SuDS compliant surface which is ideal for driveways, housing developments, public footpaths and visitor spaces.

If you're interested in more information on the Addagrip surface, please fill in our contact form and we will respond to you with more information regarding the specification and costs to install this type of paving system.

Addagrip Resin Bound Near Me

A number of different designs fall under the brand of Addagrip surface specifications, two of the most popular ones are:

Addaset Resin-Bound Porous Surfacing – This creates a seamless finish which is decorative and flexible so you can create a customised design which fits around any existing features in the area such as furniture or grass lawns. The paving requires little maintenance and will remain durable through use with cars, wheelchairs and pedestrians. Due to its porous design, the Addaset specification complies with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Terrabound Resin-Bound Porous Surfacing – A specially designed stone paving type that is used for commercial projects such as office developments and provides a more cost effective solution for both small and large areas. This specification comes in a variety of colour choices and leaves a porous finish which is hard wearing and durable. For more information about RBG, have a look at this page Resin bound is a popular system, which has a number of different uses. The Terrabound product may be laid at a depth of 18-25mm depending upon the requirements.

For more information on these surfacing specifications and the costs, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form on this page. We aim to be the closest to your budget as possible, so let us know your price range so we can work with you.

SuDS Compliant Stone Paving

As well as the Addaset and Terrabound specifications, there are a range of other designs which are part of the Addagrip SuDS compliant stone paving range. These include Terrabase Rustic surfacing, Addabound flooring which features 25% recycled material, Addacolour which uses brightly coloured stone, and the Addastone TP tree pit system. Each of these designs is a permeable surface type which comes in a variety of colour choices including Chocolate, Trent, Chestnut and Scandinavian Pearl. You can choose a bespoke colour design for your SuDS compliant stone paving which suits your driveway, public path, visitor space, or any other outdoor surface and its surrounding area.

What is Addagrip?

Addagrip is a resin-bound gravel brand which may be installed for a quantity of different areas including local driveways, patios, pools surrounding areas, pathways and more. It is a permeable surfacing type that allows water to drain through easily meaning that the surface will not get flooded or puddled in wet weather. Due to the porous properties of the surfacing, Addagrip is SuDS compliant (sustainable urban drainage systems) meaning that no planning permission is needed when installing this surface type. There are a number of different specifications from which to choose when installing this flooring type, so make sure you have a look at the different colours and specs available. The specification will also vary depending on the manufacturer. If you are looking for another manufacturer, such as Ronacrete, take a look at this page There are a number of brands out there and we feel it is vital you get the right one for you. For more details regarding the surfaces we can install, make sure to fill in your details using our enquiry form and we will get right back to you.

Addastone Resin Bonded Spec

In addition to the porous resin-bound stone paving, there is also the Addastone resin bonded specification.  This is made through a scatter system where the resin is applied to the existing sub base material, and the chosen gravel aggregate is scattered over the desired area. This leaves a rough textured finish that is great for sloped areas due to its slip resistance. This flooring type is non-porous; however it is very durable and has a decorative appearance for driveways, heritage sites and public attractions.

Each specification can be designed to suit particular requirements in terms of appearance and budget. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about all of these resin-bound and resin bonded products nearby.

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