SureSet Resin Bound Surfacing

SureSet Resin Bound Surfacing

There are a range of porous resin bound surface types to choose from for decorative driveways and other domestic outdoor spaces.

Stone Pathway Paving

Stone Pathway Paving

The resin bound paving specification is ideal for public pathways as it has an attractive appearance and is permeable so water can drain away easily.

Resin Gravel Surface Specifications

Resin Gravel Surface Specifications

The SureSet resin bound gravel designs can be used for both domestic and commercial projects to create durable and long lasting flooring solutions.

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SureSet Approved Resin Bound Surfacing

SureSet approved resin bound surfacing is without a doubt the ideal solution for a range of permeable and decorative outdoor surfaces. While many commercial premises and private homes have these surfaces installed for driveways, pathways, tree pits, patios and many other outdoor areas, SureSet surfacing is unique because it is available in many colour mix options.  This makes it suitable for a variety of different uses and designs. Laid by skilled installers, our resin-bound surface creates a smooth and seamless outdoor flooring surface that is strong, durable and requires little maintenance to keep it in tip top condition.

The specialist design of our resin-bound surfacing involves encapsulating natural stone aggregate, marble or recycled glass within a clear resin and laying it onto a hard sub base such as macadam or concrete. The finished resin-bound stone surface is fully porous and SuDS compliant; meaning water can drain through it, helping to prevent flooding in urban areas during wet weather.

Resin Bound Surface Installations Near Me

In the UK, we carry out resin-bound surface installations for both domestic and commercial customers. Private homes, schools, public walkways, parks and residential facilities are all popular locations for SureSet to be used as an attractive and practical outdoor flooring design. SureSet-approved surfacing is designed to be strong, permeable, long lasting and accessible. Varying depths of stone are used, depending upon the particular application for which it is being installed; this is so we can fully customise each surface installation to meet the requirements of each project.

If you’re interested in finding out more about resin-bound surfacing and specifications, please to get in touch with us using our contact form. Send us details of your enquiry including a postcode and dimensions of the area so we can create a surface closest to your requirements. You can also find out more about the different designs and types of SureSet-approved surfacing by looking at the rest of the website.

Permeable SureSet Resin-Bound Pathway Surfaces

Some of the best decorative outdoor flooring you will see is permeable SureSet pathway surfaces; suitable for areas such as domestic housing, public walkways, schools and parks. Resin-bound stone surfacing is created by mixing natural stone, marble or recycled glass with a clear resin which is then laid onto a strong sub base such as concrete or macadam. Our system uses different sized angular stones creating voids that allow water to drain through instead of building up on the surface in wet conditions.

The porosity of our stone pathway surfacing makes it ideal for urban areas because it contributes to flood prevention and reduces maintenance costs. These properties make the system SuDS compatible (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) for efficient water drainage in urban areas near houses and commercial buildings. SureSet isn't the only brand that offers permeable qualities. We can also install porous Addagrip surfacing - for more details on this have a look at this: Once the initial installation of the permeable SureSet pathway is complete, the decorative outdoor flooring will remain strong and durable over a long period with very few maintenance requirements. This makes the surfacing ideal for a variety of commercial and domestic pathways of various area sizes and dimensions.

Resin Bound Flooring Designs

We can install different designs so that you can create a bespoke look for your pathway surface that will look great and be suitable for both light and heavy pedestrian use. An array of natural aggregates, marble and recycled glass and colour mix options are available so that each project is completely unique. All our permeable pathway surfaces are resistant to cracking and do not fade over time from UV exposure. Our wide selection of flooring designs mean you can choose a specification to fit in with any existing surfacing or outdoor furniture that you already have.

If you have an enquiry, or would like a quotation, please get in touch with us using our contact form. Our staff can provide details of specifications, costs and designs for installing durable and decorative outdoor pathway surfaces. Please include your postcode and details of your project, if relevant, and we will get back to you with more information about resin-bound pathway designs, or a quotation.

Porous Resin-Bound SureSet Driveway Paving

Many private homes and commercial buildings have installed porous SureSet driveway paving in a variety of designs and specifications. Our stone surface is designed to be completely porous, allowing rainwater to drain through instead of pooling on top of your driveway. Sudscape is another porous RBG option. To find out more about this paving system, please click here We can install a variety of colour and texture options to create an attractive permeable driveway surface which complies with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

The colours and designs offered with our porous resin-bound driveways allow you to create your own bespoke decorative surface to complement existing surfacing and landscaping. Resin stone surfaces are a great alternative to other driveway surfacing like loose gravel and block paving and can withstand heavy vehicular use. This makes the paving popular for use in car parks and commercial locations as well.

Installing Resin Bound Driveway Surfaces Near Me

Only approved installers can lay our specialist paving nearby as it's vital to get a high quality finish which are durable and long lasting. Installing our resin-bound driveway surfaces involves mixing together natural aggregate, marble or recycled glass with our specialised resin - different colours and stone sizes are used depending upon the specification and chosen design. The mixture of stone and resin is laid onto a suitable base (usually macadam or concrete) and finally hand laid to create a smooth and permeable finish. Once it has cured, the finished porous SureSet driveway paving will be long lasting and require minimal maintenance to keep it looking great.

If you would like to discuss your local driveway project, please send us your details through our enquiry form and we will get back to you. To read more about the different types of porous SureSet-approved driveway paving and other surfaces we may install, please check out the rest of this website which details the different specifications and designs we specialise in.

SureSet Approved Resin Bound Paving Specifications

There are different SureSet approved resin-bound paving specifications for installing surfaces for example driveways, pathways and tree pits. Our permeable surfacing consists of natural stone aggregate, marble or recycled glass mixed with our specialist resin until each piece of stone is evenly coated, hand laid to the required depth on a suitable base. SureSet will be specified under the heading NBS Q23 225, the proprietary resin-bound chippings specification or NBS Q10 305 for tree pits. There are a number of specifications to choose from, for more details on RBG specs check this out: Each of these designs can be installed to a range of locations including outside commercial buildings, domestic homes, public visitor attractions and recreational areas. Both specifications should be applied in dry conditions allowing a minimum of 3-6 hours for curing before use by pedestrian traffic.

The porosity of this paving surface types means that it is SuDS compatible for use in urban areas and surrounding areas, as it allows fast water drainage without letting puddles build up on the surface in wet weather. This is an extremely practical feature for surfacing in housing estates and built up city areas where water drainage can sometimes be a problem.

Sureset Approved Resin Bound Surfacing Designs

We offer a range of colour options including natural stone aggregates to fit in with existing areas, or bright pastel colours to make a more engaging design for a playground pathway. SureSet paving specifications are designed to produce a durable and porous structurally sound surface with voids for water to drain through. This is what makes the paving SuDS compliant as it prevents flooding and water build up in urban areas.

If you're interested in finding out more regarding the resin-bound surfacing designs for pathways, car parks, driveways, tree pits and other decorative areas feel free to get in touch with us through the contact form on this page. We will send over further details regarding the NBS Q23 225 proprietary chippings and the NBS Q10 305 tree pits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions - one of our representatives will be happy to offer professional advice on designs, costs and installation for SureSet surfacing. Simply fill out our contact box for details on SureSet approved resin bound surfacing and details of specs.

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